Mug For Mom With Hummingbird And Flower Sketch Black 15oz Mug



Introducing our elegant 15oz Black “Mom” Mug, featuring a stunning hummingbird and delicate flower sketch. This beautiful mug celebrates the immense love and care that defines a mother’s role in our lives.

Made with high-quality black ceramic, this mug exudes a sense of chic sophistication. The “Mom” inscription graces the front of the mug, surrounded by a captivating hummingbird and flower sketch that spreads across the entire surface. This enchanting design pays homage to the beauty and grace of nature.

The delicate sketch showcases the intricate details of a graceful hummingbird hovering near a charming flower. Symbolizing joy, freedom, and vitality, the hummingbird perfectly captures the vibrant spirit of a mother. The accompanying flower symbolizes growth, resilience, and the blossoming love between a mother and her child.

With its generous 15oz capacity, this mug offers plenty of room for your mom to savor her favorite beverage and start her day on a delightful note. The easy-to-grip handle ensures a comfortable and secure hold, making every sip a pleasant experience.

Be it for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or simply to show your appreciation, the 15oz Black “Mom” Mug with a hummingbird and flower sketch is a heartfelt gift that will warm her heart. Every time she takes a sip from this mug, the evocative design will serve as a loving reminder of the special bond you share.

Treat your mom to this stunning mug today and let the beauty of the hummingbird and flower sketch speak volumes about your profound love and gratitude.

.: Black ceramic material with a glossy finish

.: One size: 15oz (0.44 l)

.: C-shaped easy-grip handle

.: Lead and BPA-free

.: Dishwasher and Microwave Save

.: 3.43 in/8.70 cm Diameter

.: 4.69 in/11.90 cm Height